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No sooner end fashion festival Kyiv Fashion, held in September 2016 in the exhibition center KyivExpoPlaza how our designers went to share their experiences with renowned masters in the largest exhibition of jewelry and interior items made of glass and metal in Moscow. They gathered a lot of people enthusiastic lampwork and other styles of jewelry creation. After talking with colleagues, seeing fashion trends and styles, having plunged into the atmosphere of endless creativity, our team got a new impetus in their work. After reviewing the new modern materials and techniques of working with gla..
How much do we know about the usual glass? For example, a crack that broken glass is moving at a speed of 5000 km / h.? Or the fact that glass can be made thread, which will be enough flexibility for tailoring cloth ?! Stay with us and we will try to surprise you this week!The oldest example of glass production is a green bead diameter of 9 mm, Flinders Petrie found near Thebes. Scientists say its age is about five and a half thousand years. Colored glass covered bowl, used for storage of bottles made of glass of spirits. First glass products were obtained greenish-bluish or dull. This color i..


Мы предлагаем широкий ассортимент украшений ручной работы.

Для производства мы используем лучшее муранское стекло.

Каждая бусинка проходит тщательный контроль качества.