Бесплатная доставка во все города Украины для заказов от 350грн! Сделайте подарок любимой!

You are welcome to join our new game!

This autumn, shopping in SWEETBOX is not only a pleasure, but also an opportunity to play with us in SWEETBOX-lotto and get a new bracelet!

The conditions are very simple and pleasant:

- You get a magic card with six beads;

- for every purchase of SWEETBOX adornments for the amount of 300 UAH you get a sticker,

- Collect all six stickers - get a gift.

If you have several identical labels, they can be exchanged among the other participants in the game, leaving a message in the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/

At the end of the year a super-prize will be drawn among the participants - a certificate for UAH 1000!

Play, share success in the group and win!

We wish you success and prepare presents !!!

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